The Klarus XT2CR Dual-Switch Tactical Flashlight

Handheld tactical light for handgun illumination

What do you use for nighttime illumination when one hand is already occupied securing your handgun?

We've already discussed using a gun mount lighting system but there are times when you want a separate light, or you may want light in addition to the gun mounted light.

Enter the Klarus XT2CR Tactical Flashlight.

Klarus XT2CA

Necessary tactical flashlight features

Let's digress for a minute and discuss the features needed for a separate handheld torch for use in a potential home invasion or other emergencies.

  • It should function without breaking the grip on your handgun. In other words, it needs to be truly operational with one hand.
  • It should allow for easy access to a momentary light. The momentary light is used to identify without totally lighting you up as a target.
  • The momentary and permanent bright light should be accessed without going through additional lighting levels.
  • It should allow for easy access to a strobe. Obviously, the strobe is helpful to disorient an intruder.
  • It needs to be really bright. Unfortunately, home invaders often travel in pairs or groups of three. You want to see as wide and as bright an area as possible.
  • It needs to be dependable.


So, what does the XT2CR bring to the table?

Actually a lot.

All the functions of the light are operated via the tail switch. In fact, there is a dual-switch configuration that gives you maximum control over the light functions.

A quick press and release of the tail button will turn on the light momentarily and will feature the brightest light level, a full 1600 lumens.

The on/off function of the tail switch simply operates on and off regarding the full 1600 lumens light. If you wanted to go through the 3 light levels, you would access them by turning the light on and pressing the secondary tail switch. So, all the light levels are there, but not inconveniently so.

At any point, while off, the secondary tail switch will instantly turn on the strobe. And the strobe available with this light is truly a disabling strobe. A momentary light and release with a quick press of the second switch also work reliably in initiating the strobe.

Bright? 1600 lumens is really bright and this light truly feels like a realistic 1600 lumens. So many just don't live up to their lumen ratings but that's not the case with the XT2CR.

The reputation of Klarus, their build quality and price point all point to a dependable tactical light. This is critical since you may be depending on this for your very life.

Other functions and features

The XT2CR uses 2 CR123A batteries or one 18650 battery. The power levels range from 1600 to 400, 100 and 10 with a runtime of 1.2 hours to 200 hours. The light is 5.47 inches long and weighs in at 3.12 ounces without battery.

The battery is chargeable via USB directly in the light. There is also a battery capacity indicator light with the expected more than 70%, 30-70%, and less than 30% power levels. Finally, there is an option to program the light settings, however, the functionality of the tactical mode is actually optimal out of the box.


I would hesitate to recommend any tactical flashlight, especially for off gun use, that didn't really meet some really high standards and operational functions. The Klarus XT2CR, however, is one I could recommend without reservation. Individuals may like more or less power, or more or less weight or size, but these are simply preferences. Functionally, the Klarus meets all the required needs of a tactical flashlight for off gun use.

Always be prepared. Be well.