Concealment Express

Best Holsters for Everyday Carry


Anyone who has been around firearms for any period of time, knows one thing for certain, holsters have a way of proliferating. Like wild bunnies they seem to procreate on their own and cover every nook and cranny of any available storage space. They are also hard to identify – is that for the Glock 19 or the Sig P365.

In a sense, holsters are part of the learning process of understanding firearms. Unfortunately, a learning process can be equated to cost. These things are not cheap and many, myself included, feel bad that I have all these useless holsters that I can’t even sell (to make things worse, I’m left-handed).

So, in the spirit of saving you some time, grief and money, let me make a few suggestions and recommendations.

Holster Suggestions

No one really believes that Kydex is particularly good looking. Leather, on the other hand, can be really good looking. Unfortunately, Kydex is much more robust in storing your handgun.

Holsters can be inside or outside the waistband – IWB or OWB. IWB can be almost anywhere even appendix which many claim as both more covert and comfortable. OWB is usually in the 8:00 (for left-handed owners) or 4:00 (for right-handed owners). Either can work it’s a matter of letting a loose shirt or jacket/coat cover the weapon to maintain concealed carry and your particular body type for comfort. Only you can decide here.

You also have the option of pocket carry which can work if the handgun is not too large. Other options like ankle and shoulder holsters are less common and play a minor role in holster options.

The bottom line, if you wear a jacket or loose shirt, it may be advisable to carry outside the waistband. If the handgun is small enough, pocket carry may be considered.

Another consideration is whether or not you have a light attached to your handgun. Holsters are made which will accommodate both the handgun and attached light. These are a bit bigger obviously but worth considering if your light is important to you. Usually, a light should be important depending on the situation.


I’ve tried so many holsters that I’m dizzy. There are a few holsters that are easily available at Amazon and are really cost-effective.

Look at these are starting points. At least you’ll have a decent holster. From there you can branch out to wherever you want to go. But, you may find that you won’t need to do anything else.

Desantis Pocket Holster

You can spend a lot more on pocket holsters and you need to ensure that the holster fits your handgun, but the Desantis is a quality product that just works well.

Concealment Express

Concealment Express is available for left and right-handed in both IWB and OWB for a number of handguns and many of the options are with or without a tactical light (TLR).  These holsters will definitely meet your needs and if you want to do something else, at least you have a quality base option that you can always fall back on. Highly rated and well respected.  The other good thing about Concealment Express is that one holster will fit a number of similar handguns. In other words, you won’t need a holster for a Glock 19x and another for the Glock 17. Some manufacturers do produce so many that it’s a bit overkill.

Gun Belts

Gun belts are absolutely necessary for both IWB and OWB as well as pocket carry. What’s important with gun belts is that they are stiff and supportive but still comfortable and have a variable adjustment mechanism. That leaves out leather belts with belt holes. Since most holes are 1/2″ apart, you just don’t have the level of adjustments that you really need. The best belt that I have found is the Original Instructor nylon belts available at The Wilderness store in Arizona. You can check out their other belts but the Original Instructor really ticks off all the boxes. Check them out and check out some of the other gear available through them.


I guess I could be like other sites and recommend the top 10 or 20 holsters and gun belts, but this is like other sites. I’ve already looked at the other 9 or 19 options and I’m not impressed. Consider these the cream of the crop. After you have them in stock you probably won’t be looking at anything else anyway.