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Best Holsters for Everyday Carry

Concealment Express
Introduction Anyone who has been around firearms for any period of time, knows one thing for certain, holsters have a way of proliferating. Like wild bunnies they seem to procreate on their own and cover every nook and cranny of…

Best knife sharpeners now!!!

work sharp ken onion edition
Introduction It would seem, with all that’s going on in the world, that little things would start becoming more important – things like having enough ammo, storing enough extra food, water, and supplies, and even having your knives sharpened. This…

How to modify a G-Shock

Casio on NATO
Let’s face it, Casio’s G-Shocks are one of the most iconic watches known. They look great. They’re affordable.  Are super accurate. Resistant to water – 200 meters or so. Virtually impact proof. And yet… Well, the straps just leave much…

Why do so many love watches?

Vacheron Caliber
What is the big deal about wristwatches? Everyone has a smartphone, so we certainly don’t need a watch to tell time. Granted, it could be construed as a man’s only jewelry, say, outside of a wedding ring. But there has…

The Unimatic – a diver with heritage?

Fifty Fathoms Blancpain
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms One of my favorite timepieces has always been the Fifty Fathoms by Blancpain. Certainly, other watches preceded the Fifty Fathoms as diver watches – Rolex Oyster in 1926, Omega Marine in 1932, and Panerai Radiomir in 1936,…