Klarus tactical flashlight

Are the Klarus XT Tactical Flashlights the best?

Klarus is making some phenomenal tactical flashlights and the XT line is specifically for tactical use – are they the best or not?

But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one to select.

Exactly. And that is the point of TactBright’s Klarus XT models table.

Because of the constant improvements in Cree lights and lithium power, Klarus continues to improve their line of lights. As a result, you get more powerful lights with longer run times.

A win, win situation for you.

Here are the Top Klarus XT models

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Klarus innovations

In addition to reasonable prices and models designed for specific uses, Klarus has a great reputation for quality and longevity. Their warranty is a full 5 years and you won’t be hunting down non existent manufacturers to address any problems. Their U.S. representative retailers are easily accessible.

The dual tail switch is excellent for momentary light and to switch to strobe – both essential for tactical use. Additionally, their use of new batteries and Cree lights just make them some of the best available.

I swear by them and use and own a number of Klarus lights and most of these lights are really the best tactical lights available both in features and price.

Be well. Be safe.