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Tactical Articles on TactBright. The tactical article category covers topics on how to properly use various gear and deploy it correctly. It cuts through the misconceptions and wrong beliefs.

Tactical Flashlight Crash Course

Still life with school books. Back to school
A crash course on tactical flashlights In order to choose the best tactical flashlights for your needs, you need to know the basics. Manufacturers Purchase only from companies which are top quality legitimate manufacturers are listed in this guide. (You…

How to Choose a Tactical Watch

Going beyond the “cool” factor of tactical watches It’s no secret that tactical watches are popular, with both men and women. This article develops how watches are constructed, and what features and functions are available so you can truly choose the…

The Best Gun Belts

core hidden track & buckle
The history of military web belts If you were ever in the military, you’ll recall, maybe with other than fond memories, the standard government issue belt. Now, I’m not talking about the cool tactical belts some got, I’m referring to…