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What’s the best gear for Street and Vacation Photography?

For my street images, which is typically black & white, and vacation photography, I use very specific gear and different than my landscape gear.

Again, I try to use the same minimalist, but quality approach I use with landscape photography.

You don’t need much, in fact, you want to be as discrete as possible. As it turns out, the camera I use for street is just as much a classic as the Nikon D850. It is the superb Fujifilm X100F. Recently, the X100V (for fifth) was released.

Let’s get into it.

My Top Picks for street and vacation photography

Camera – Fujifilm X100F or X100V

I love these cameras, small, solid, discrete and produce just superb images. The X100F is a classic and even with a fixed lens, you would be amazed at all the different types of images you can capture. It has a 24 f2.0 fixed lens which is equivalent to a 35 lens on a 35 mm camera. It also produces 24.3mp images. This is a 4th generation X100 camera and it shows. Truly a beautiful and classic camera.

The X100V, fifth-generation, is slightly improved but omits some of the features of the X100F. Both are excellent. If you’re just starting out, the V may be the way to go. If you have the F, you may not want to upgrade. The F is still just that great.

By the way, for both this and the Nikon, I’ve switched to CaptureOne for my imaging processing. There is a difference and the Fuji especially processes much better with CaptureOne. I still have Lightroom and Photoshop but CaptureOne is my dominant processor.

All my other street photography gear

Fujifilm Adapter Ring

If you’re going to use a filter, you’ll need this adapter ring. It should come with the camera, but it doesn’t.

Camera Strap

I would never use this camera without a hand strap. The camera is so small that it could easily slip out of your hand. Get a hand strap, it’s cheap, looks great, and you’re protected.

B+W UV Filter

This is the only filter I use and as a result I don’t use a lens cap. This keeps everything simple and protects the glass. You can also use a polarizer but since this is a wide angle the results are often mixed.

Lensmate Thumb Grip

This is probably the only deficiency on the camera and the thumb grip really helps in firmly holding the X100F. The Thumb Grip just fits into the flash slot.

MegaGear Neoprene Case

This small case fits the X100F perfectly and is truly a minimal case for street photography. Just put in your pocket when not using it. If I’m not using a flash, this is all I carry for a case.

Godox TT350F and  Xpro-F Wireless Flash Trigger

The big deal with the Fujifilm X100F is that it is one of the very, very few cameras with a leaf shutter. What that means is that you can sync your flash at, for example, 1/1000 sec. That’s enough to overpower the sun and only with this camera can you capture images that other cameras, not even the D850, can begin to approach. The TT350 also comes as a V350F which has a Li-ion battery, but this is much larger, more expensive, and the smaller AA battery model, the TT, works fine for this camera.

Demb Classic Flip-it

The Demb flash reflector was recommended by another professional photographer who had been using this for years. It’s perfect and I wouldn’t be without it. If you want, you can use a simple shoot-through umbrella and light stand but without going to that, just use the Demb.

Ona Camera Bag

There is no more classic looking bag than the Ona Bowery and it’s available in leather, canvas, and black nylon. The camera, flash, and trigger all fit nicely in this bag and this is the perfect gift for this street system (especially if you can get someone to buy it for you!)